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Fun Fair Reprot #1

Ok, so I've decided to come up with an all new introduction for myself. I felt that my current ring intro just wasn't quite long enough, so here you go...the new...the improved....ring introduction.....

Ring Announcer: I have the pride, the privilege, nay, the pleasure of introducing to you to a wrestler, sired by wrestlers. A man who can trace his lineage back beyond Charlemagne. I first met him atop a mountain near Jerusalem, praying to God, asking his forgiveness for the rookie blood spilt by his hand. Next, he amazed me still further in Italy when he saved a fatherless beauty from the would-be ravishing of her dreadful Turkish uncle. In Greece he spent a year in silence just to better understand the sound of a whisper. And so without further gilding the lily and with no more ado, I give to you, the seeker of serenity, the protector of Italian virginity, the enforcer of our Lord God, the one, the only, Luc Lapointe.

Ok, ok......I stold that from A Knights Tale. But still, it's good. I really liked that movie, I thought it was interesting the way that they "modernized" that time period. Anywho, it's commentary time, so here we go!

This past weekend was the start of our amazing 4 week run at the Fun Fairs. How fitting that we start in the city that I despise most....Oklahoma City. The weekend started on a bad note. Early Friday morning, I was puking my guts out, and I spent the rest of the day in a half daze. I'm not entirely sure what all went on Friday...I managed to sleep through most of the day. We went to Bennigans in OKC for dinner that night, and it reminded us why we HATE going there. The service was pretty bad, and then they screwed up a few things, which just added to the joy (or lack there of), and on top of things, our waiter scared the shit out of me. I was half asleep at the table, and he brought me a drink...the scary thing was that his voice was kind of deep and raspy, so in my half dream state, I thought he was a demon bringing me a Dr. Pepper from HELL. Scary. After we ate, I started to feel a little better, but I ended up just going straight to bed. That was the end of day 1....and things just got better.

As Saturday started, I was feeling much better, and was actually looking forward to wrestling at the fun fairs. The shows went pretty well, and I was feeling good. Then the shit started to hit the fan. SOMEONE STOLE THE FUCKING RING TRAILER!!!! WTF? Why do people have to fucking steal shit? That's one of the things that I really can't stand. It really pisses me off. That set the tone for a bad weekend. I tried my best to just forget about everything, and continue with the weekend the best that I could. So, with that aside, we all went to party at Sam's house. There was a full bar, and a kick ass buffet spread for all of us. Shots were poured and poured, and I got to make myself a few Midori Sours (those make me happy), and a good time was had by all. Off to bed to get ready for Sunday.

Sunday morning rolled around, and everyone seemed a bit hung over from the night before (that's nothing was a road show..people are always hung over on Sunday..there's a photo in the picture section that's backstage of a Sunday road show). We got to the building, all ready to perform for the "people" only to find out that the previous night, someone came into the dressing room and STOLE OUR FUCKING CDs. You see why I REALLY HATE OKC. Two thefts this weekend...that fucking sucks. Can't really think of too much about the wrestling. The matches were good, the crowd liked them, blah blah blah. You didn't come here to read what the matches were like. We rented a Uhaul, loaded up the ring, and I headed home to get some rest, and prepare for the next grueling weekend.

Well, it's now Tuesday, and things are starting to look up. We ended up finding a really nice trailer that is just like our old one, but everything that was wrong with the old trailer is right with this one. Not entirely sure if it's perfect yet, as it hasn't been road tested yet, but we'll see how it performs this weekend. I'm trying to be positive about this coming weekend. Tulsa isn't a bad town, but sometimes the fun fairs can really beat you down. A lot of wrestling, plus moving the ring's hard work, and it will take it's toll on you. Oh well...we keep doing it for some reason, so we only have ourselves to blame.

Now it's time to end this bastard with a little advice to all those guys out there in wrestling land.

TAKE ADVICE FROM OTHERS. There is always someone out there that knows more than you. The point where you stop listening to other people is the point where you need to hang up the boots, you're done. No one in wrestling made it on their own. They learned from the people that came before them, and they also learn from the people that come after them. It's a never ending learning process. Never turn down advice from anyone, usually they are seeing something that you're not going to notice on your own, and generally they are trying to help you get better.

That's it for the soap box this week, this has been a fairly long commentary (and I could keep going), but it's time to close it out.

Later gators,

P.S. My back hurts :(

Commentaries are cool!!!!

I'll try to write some new stuff every now and then.


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