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Some pictures from my career

There is no real order to these pictures, feel free to email me if you think that you've got a better caption for any of the pictures. 


Curb Stomp....that makes me laugh

Who said I never win matches....oh wait.

You know, that looks like it really hurts.

Curb Stomp Version 1

Who knows what I'm doing up there


I just love that picture

You know.....that REALLY HURT!!!

Who's the champ baby

That is soooo not Kevin Nash

A look backstage....can we say HANG-OVER?

Can we say heavyweight champion? Very good class.

ACW Pose down

Damn.....that was a long time ago

Look at those two Straping Young Chaps

Big Daddy's got nothing on me.

I like beating the crap out of that guy...sorry Malice

I love action shots!!!

Classic Cartel

Rolling up the flag

Somebody got knocked the fuck out

He don't see me

Don't ask me what I'm doing....I have no clue.

Fraternity of Cool.....that's what I say!

Yeah...I'm looking at you

That just doesn't look natural

You crazy bastard!

What a on my back.

Why do I keep having to explain myself to these people?



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