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Here's some friggin' links for ya.


Check these out, or no more walks with Dexter.

The only Indy Feds you ever need to see
Steel Rage Pro Wrestling

The BEST damn fed out there today.....not that I'm's just the truth.

Asylum Championship Wrestling

I don't make it down to their shows much, but they still rock.

New Mid South Wrestling

Another Oklahoma Wrestling Fed.


Random Sites
The Outcast Kenny Campbell

I love that little bastard.


X gonna give to ya!

Oklahoma Fan Resource Center

Good Source for all the info you need

Penny Arcade

It's not a wrestling site, but it's one of my fav's

Something Awful

Stop in for your daily dose of AWFUL

Big Money Christopher Matthews

Green for the money, Gold for the honey!

T-Shirt Hell

Buy a t-shirt = I make money!

"Teen Idol" Cade Sydal

No heat brother, I know you're a shooter

Big John O'Malley

Stiffy McStifferson....get your jaw aligned for free!!!


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